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"The orgasm is no longer a mere biological function used in procreation, nor the side effect of casual pleasure… It is the very center of the human experience and ultimately the happiness of the human race." –Wilhelm Reich

From the Desk of Dr. Dagny, With 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples and groups, bringing you:

Passionate Heart Warrior Mentoring Program: Are you sincerely  committed  to exploring a more enlightening path toward your Instinctual-Nature, a greater level of Personal Freedom, leading edge Wellness,and a shining example to men everywhere,moving away from masculine domestication, servitude and the shameful taming of your Passionate Heart Warrior? If you will dedicate your heart and soul, I too,will wholeheartedly commit to veraciously assisting you in reclaiming and developing  this Vital Masculine Essence. In Celebration of moving past your present limitations, whether emotional, physical, mental or even genetics. I look forward to your initial contact by email with a paragraph or two about what has brought you to this precipice in your life. Smiles from my Heart to yours. Beginning in January 2014.


Sincere individuals and couples may call for free 15 to 20 minute consultation..I reside in South Florida and offer retreats. Contact me for my travel schedule to see if I will be in your area any time soon!
 Please, contact me by e-mail at or by Cell phone at 949 201.7337 to arrange an appointment. Ask about Ultimate Deep Masculine Makeovers, Recreating Yourself and Your Relationships.

Journey into the Heart of Your Sexuality with Dr. Dagny...

I’m quite delighted and honored that you decided to drop by and consult with me. I have so very much to share with those who truly desire and feel brave and worthy enough to rethink and realign with their own sexuality, expanding it to a place it’s never been before - in this lifetime. Are you ready to enjoy a whole new level of intimacy, awareness and romance in your relationships. Isn’t this what we all truly live for?

I have been on the Tantric path, teaching for the last 12 years, having sensed my spiritual connection to all of life since birth. So, I feel quite comfortable and confident to teach this in the same way that I live it on a daily basis. I offer a safe, refreshing approach to healing and feeling comfortable in expressing your sexuality in naturally, healthy, creative and even empowering ways.

As your "Dakini," I am open in my Heart, grounded in my body, intuitively connected and sensitive to the subtle and sensual energies in your body as well. In many ancient cultures, these Dakinis or High Priestesses were sought after for their wisdom, magical powers and healing gifts - especially in their natural ability to skillfully use sexual energy for healing.

Are you aware that you may be guarding your Heart during love making? Shutting down your true feelings, and staying mainly focused on your genitals? Based in lust and neediness? Real intimacy lies in your Heart and Soul instead. Are you willing to change this pattern?

Did you know that all men are innately Tantric? Ah, my dear, darling and perhaps confused ones, the problem lies in the fact that you have conditioned yourself, through repetitive masturbation from a young age, into becoming addicted to ejaculation, engaging in numerous  fantasies and numbing
distractions, thus remaining unconsciously distant from your own sexual and truly sensual self. To look within is to start cultivating your full sexual potential, retrieving your soul and finding your authentic self as a superior male.

"Most women will be sexually, emotionally and spiritually unfulfilled... to the same extent that the man she partners with is addicted to ejaculation. And, in many ways, the world will be just as unfulfilled by his gifts."
- from "The Way of the Superior Man" by David Deida

Isn’t it about time to embrace your sexuality and sensuality as your Divine Birth Right? You as a Tantric warrior, grounded in love and truth, respecting and honoring the feminine and generating a trusting and secure presence, would actually allow your partner to surrender her goddess essence, thus mirroring back your godliness. The deep worthiness that you both will gain makes it ever possible to merge into one union together, entering into bliss, ecstasy and timelessness. In Tantra this energy is called the Sacred Dance of Shakti and Shiva.

Check it out!!  How exquisite and romantic is that and this scenario as well?
When a man worships his woman as a Goddess and sees her that way as well, that very same woman becomes Sacred for the worshipper as well as herself. Thus, the “Sex Act” becomes a Divine Labor of Love that heals and transforms both the man and woman. Conscious lovemaking is the most Sacred of all actions that we will ever do and the most powerful healing tool on this planet!

“I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides. I honor the place within you where, if you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us. That place is in our Heart!”  

In there resides our unspoiled childlike spirit that is not afraid  to explore uncharted territory, engaging that  natural innocence  which allows us to enjoy life to the fullest, feeling more  sensuality, spontaneity and passion in the moment.

Going Beyond The Norm

Wilhelm Reich, author of “The Function of  Orgasm"  became convinced in the 1920's that one's sexuality was "the center around which revolves the whole of social life, as well as the inner life of the individual." Reich was the first to examine the various effects of orgasm, believing that extended orgasm that lasts for hours, actually eliminates muscular armoring in the body and liberates the autonomic nervous system. But, in our, "I want it now society," which sacrifices quantum-and-quality for quantity-and-quickly, most intimate encounters happen more like fast food, with no time for going beyond and certainly not enough time spent to melt armor
Fortunately there’s Tantra to melt the armor

Tantra is a powerful leading edge science, dating back over 5,000 years, as well as a sacred art, philosophy, and ancient yoga... Tantra is about experiencing within, our connection to all of life and all beings, leading to self understanding and authenticity... Tantra actually means "transformation of energy." It gives you the rare ability to identify and master your powerful energy and sensations in order to liberate and free you instead of addict and enslave you. It teaches that everything in this Universe is energy even our thoughts... It is the most accelerated path of self-mastery of body, mind and spirit. It is after all Quantum...
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Intro and Hypnotic Induction

Why not engage in a tranformative and ecstatic phone experience with Dr.Dagny? If you live in another part of the country or are even international, there's no  stopping you from having a personal session with me. Here's your opportunity. Click Now for more info.
Contact me with your questions...   

My private and personally tailored Sacred Sexuality Healing is a combination of philosophy, Yoga, science, sensuality and experience... It is truly a gift to yourself: Click for testimonials

My sessions can address:

  • Transforming shyness
  • Awakening Passion and Seduction
  • Curing premature or delayed ejaculation
  • Restoring libido
  • Healing  childhood issues
  • Opening to intimacy and trust with the feminine
  • Gaining mastery over your sexual energies
  • Instilling spontaneity and playfulness
  • Heightened awareness and sensitivity

Enjoyment and Benefits

Healing touch and massage

  • Chakra balancing
  • Energizing and Charismatic  Breath
  • Eye-gazing
  • Exploring power and Surrender
  • Fully present in the moment, free of expectations
  • Sacred Spot Healing massage 
  • Recapturing your Senses, your Sensuality
  • Holding a Safe place and Honoring  the Goddess

My Mission is to have you leave feeling yummy and juicy in your body, nurtured in your soul, empowered in your heart and highly mindful and conscious of your Sexuality in a much more expanded wholesome way then when you arrived. Rediscovering how Magnificent, Passionate and Powerful you really are! Can you go for that?

My Accreditations:

Minister ULC
Doctor of Divinity
Certified in Advance Hypnotherapy
Certified in Human Sexuality training
Certified in Levels 1 thru 3 of Ipasulu
Tantra International renowned Tantra Coach
Muse of Manifestation