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Skype Sessions with Dr. Dagny

Dr. Dagny offers Ecstatic Journeys in Sacred Sexuality Coaching or  Tantra Sensual Hypnosis, Yoga Nidra, Sex Magic and Playful Pillow Talk. Let's co-create a dynamic pleasurable session together.. 

Session Value, Advantage and Transformation...

Learn body awareness by observing breath, sensations, feelings and imagining. Live your unique sensual expression and gifts. Become a powerful manifestor. Cure premature ejaculation and ride orgasmic waves. Gainj mastery over sexual urges, Learn ancient practices to restore your libido, replenish your Chi and  open your energy vortexes (chakras).

You may address anything in this session as long as you respect me as the Goddess and educator that I am.

Gifting: Series of Three(3) Skype Journeys - $275
One Hour Tantric Journey - $95
Full 90 minute Journey + Counseling -$120.00

Email me about yourself, how long you want to chat and the date, the time will be determined later.


I was looking for something different then a 900 call since I knew that I needed much more then a typical distraction. I felt I needed healing and nurturing... I was pleasantly surprised that I could actually learn something too.. It was more then I imagined a call could be... At the risk of sounding nerdy, the experience was quite Blissful... Thank You from the bottom of my heart,I really appreciated your compassion and your soothing voice... Jason in New Jersey