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Dear Dr. Dagny,
I have remembered and fantasized about our session for years. You may not remember me but at the time I was a young man, about 27 at the time, who sought your guidance to feel pleasure beyond what I could comprehend. I had trouble with premature ejaculation. You helped me build confidence in myself, my body and my lingam. I left tingling all over after one of the most special and intense energetic orgasms I have ever felt. We talked a bit about Burning Man, which I am off to again this year for my fourth time (believe this was before I ever went). I am on a quest to feel that way again, and learn for myself how to maintain that feeling. I would like to replicate my session with you.I hope you would be open to helping me not only recreate that feeling but also go further with my training. I have not forgotten you and how you made me feel whole, I would greatly appreciate some of your time to continue the journey we started. I would love to hear from you and work with you again at your earliest availability (if you have time today that would be fantastic). Best, S.J

Hello Goddess
It's been 6 hours since I left you yet I am still having these wonderful tremors running through my body! I arrived on your doorstep a confused 57 year old looking for anything that could send me on the right to rekindle the energy in my marital relationship and regain the intimacy that I so crave. Through your loving and intuitive touch and direction I feel like I am a whole new man! Some of the answers were so simple yet I, like probably 99% of all men have been focused on the wrong energy. Tonight I am an extremely happy man. I feel like a warrior again! I can't wait to apply today's lessons in my relationship. Tere is hope for us men and the answer is you, Dr. Dagny. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  -Nick, from Washington

Hello Goddess
I really love your site and the philosophy behind it.  I am a Ph.D psychologist and years ago I read Reich's work and was very impressed.  I am married in a sex-less relationship and I am trying to get my desire upscaled.  I find you very beautiful and intelligent and I can barely resist your charms.   I would like some training with you but my relationship makes that very difficult...  Sorry for the rambling but your beauty and approach to sexuality makes me very excited.  Keep up the great work, this society dearly needs it. - John

Dearest Dr. Dagny
I want to thank you for a wonderful session on Friday.. It was very enlightening. I cannot wait until I am back in your area so we can continue the sessions. You mentioned a book, "something between the sheets." Could you please tell me the name of the book again, so I can get it. Once again many thanks for a very enjoyable and knowledge filled session. - J

Dear Dr. Dagny,
Thank you so much for taking the time to see me. I learned so much from my visit with you that it's hard to describe everything that I feel in words. You have definitely helped alleviate anxieties that I have had for a long time! I have been starting to use the techniques that you showed me and I can already feel how beneficial and potent that they are. It is truly unbelievable, but you have helped liberate something inside me. I have felt much more relaxed and at peace with myself since seeing you and I am just so astonished at how good I feel! Thanks again. - Sincerely, Mikael

Hi Dr. Dagny,
Thank you so much. As I told you in the sessions, I did a lot of research on the net and you seemed to be the perfect teacher to help me to "get whole again". It was a blessing to meet you.
I feel wonderful... Everything changed since I met you and after all the Sound healing in February.. I expect to see you again when I return to CA.. Love and Light, A.S.

Hi Dr. Dagny,
I Just want to thank you for the healing sessions. You simply changed my life by teaching me to be present in every moment. Just your example - just to watch you listening to what I need - teaches more about tantra than many books. Thank you for helping me to integrate my sexuality in my daily life and to find a way to be whole again.
It was a blessing to meet you and I will make sure to visit you again when I am back in USA. Your teaching simply helped me to get a natural view on my sexuality and this removed a lot of trouble in my live. Thank you for that. I want to share a very powerful healing affirmation I learned here at the conference. I love you. I honor you. I appreciate you. You are perfect as you are. You will get the Clients which really honor your work. And so it is. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am looking forward to meet you again. Thank you for every minute of your life you shared with me. Namaste I love you. Andreas

January 2007 Thank you , Dear Dr. Dagny
Your introduction to Tantra has made me feel more confident in the bedroom and may help me rebond with my wife and keep the marriage going. Tantra has touched me and awakened a flame. We have watched two DVD's already and again I brought my wife to intense orgasms...She actually wants to come with me for a session...Respectfully Amazed, RB

Hello Dr. Dagny,
Great news! I have a new girlfriend. She's extremely cute, affectionate and open-hearted. You really helped me so much and I can't thank you enough. I didn't realize the full impact of what we accomplished until just recently.I was thinking about you and noticing how much more open I'd become sexually. It's really awesome! I still want to meet with you again and hopefully improve in some other areas, but I just wanted to thank you and let you know what a positive role you've played in my life. Love,Tony

Dear Goddess,
Thank you for the wonderful experience.....I learned a lot and felt it was quite an eye opener for my relationship…I hope to see you again soon. What are you doing tomorrow?.....Kidding...I think.......You are an amazing and wonderful teacher.......It was a bit intimidating at first cause you are such a gorgeous woman.......And thank you again, it was a most special and amazing experience.......Cheers....Andre

Dear Dr. Dagny,
I have since returned back home and wanted to really thank you for a most exhilarating session last week..The way you conducted our sensory experience is a joyous reminder "to be Aware in the moment"...The memory of our YAB-yum contact still exhilarates me...Take care, Neil

Hi Dr. Dagny,
I greatly appreciated my session with you last week! You are a gift in my life and I've wanted to heal in this area for so long. I know there's more to do, but I feel much more confident about the journey with your assistance. Thanks also for being flexible with the time. I will happily compensate you for that next time we get together--you certainly deserve it. Let's plan to see each other at least once a month while I live here in LA (more once I move to Orange County in January). I would like our next appointment to be the 2nd week of October if possible, please let me know some good days and times for you. Thanks again. PS--Please give me the exercises again. I remember them, but would love to have the details in print for reference. Gratefully, Tony

Dear Dr. Dagny,
Yes, it is true that I do not know you personally, but somehow, I feel that your special note to me back in May 2006 telling me that it is never "too late" to accomplish things in life was a life-saving message from a good friend. I had ordered your comic book and in my letter to you I had mentioned that I was sorry that I had not known about Tantra sooner; that if I had known my life would have been much more meaningful to me. Your note really opened my eyes to my own faults etc., and right then I decided that I would better my personal life and be more outgoing and enjoy life for a change. I still have not gotten up the nerve to fill out your questionaire, send it in and make an appointment with you for a Tantra session, but I am aiming towards that goal. You see, I am a senior citizen and I guess I am just afraid that people will make fun of me and say I am an "Old Fool". I hope that some day I can overcome my fears and schedule a Tantra session with you. "ALOHA" for now!!!! Sincerely yours, Bob C

August 06 Dear Dr. Dagny:
Let me just say that you are an angel of my lifetime. You have taught me how important Divine feminine energy is. Most people never learn that. My life is settling in and it shows promise of exciting new things! I must tell you sometime. You have been instrumental in this change in my life! Smiles and Love :):) Alan

Hi Dr Dagny,
This is Nikki if you remember me. I'm back in South Africa for a while - back for two years already. I just wanted to say that I've grown so much from the 2 sessions I had with you. It took some time for the healing to take a hold but it's now "holden." :) I love myself, include myself in everything I do and I am closest to freedom than I've ever been. I've also lost a lot of excess weight and feeling so much better about who I am. I think of you a lot. The healing you brought to me was both deep and magnificent. You are beautiful on the inside and unforgettable on the outside. You're never far away from my heart. My love to you, Dr Dagny - Nik xx

Thank you Dr. Dagny
When I first came to see you, I had a broken heart and
felt quite needy..Now I realize how much growth is possible for me.I feel more curious and open and do not feel so much hurt. You have helped me a lot, Sweet goddess...Also the books you recommended, " Journey of the heart" and David Deida's "The Way of the Superior Man" have helped me look at my life in ways I didn't think possible. Wow is all I can say! Thanks, B.W.

Dear Goddess Dagny,
Thank you for helping me embrace my own light. Namaste, Phillip

Sweet Sweet Goddess,
Thanks for sending me your May newsletter , I can't tell you how much that I enjoyed reading the letter. Somewhere I had read, that we must learn to express gratitude, to savor the days pleasures and to nurture native strengths . While reading your newsletter it sounds as if you have mastered this and so much more !...... Thanks again , Tim

Dear Dr. Dagny
You are such a jewel. My heart, soul & body have been smiling all day. Thank you for showing me how to receive. Always being the giver, it took me a while to let go and receive. Thanks for being so loving, giving & patient with me. Your wisdom is powerful. I look forward to our next get together. My heart goes out to you, Bob xoxox

May, 06 - Dr.Dagny,
Thank you very very much for your time on Monday night... That night will always be so special to me... I am putting into practice your point of true self-acceptance... Acceptance, submission, surrender- whatever one chooses to call it, is the mental shift that is the master key that unlocks the door to healing and a life of true joy for me....

In Loving respect, Thomas

Dear Goddess Dagny,
I thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to Tantra that you provided on Monday night. I only wish that I didn't have to rush out to catch a plane, as I felt that it would have been helpful to share the full range of physical sensatiions and emotional feelings I experienced during our session. I look forward to connecting with you again in the near future.

Your beauty and sexuality could be intimidating to your male students, but somehow you immediately disarm such concerns. Your thoughtful guidance helped me begin to unders tandthedepthoftantra. I have much to learn, and am immediately beginning to practice the basic ideas we discussed on Monday to advance my sexual relationship with my wife.

I look forward to the opportunity to learn more from you, especially in Goddess Worship. Your soothing and stimulating touch was magical on my body and mind -and gave me a glimpse into tantric pleasure. I am looking forward to the initiation into Goddess Worship with you. The anticipation is a source of inspiration to me in the pursuit of extended pleasure leading to bliss for me and my partner.

Fondly, Rich

My dearest Dr. Dagny,
It's me Brandon once again. How have you been? It's been a while since we last talked let alone seen each other. I'm writing just to let you know that I still think about our sessions together, and that I am continuing to practice as much as I can. You have opened up so much for me, I really had to thank you again. I still have not been able to find a good partner to practice with, but that's alright for me right now. It allows me to concentrate on myself which is pretty much the point, right? Thank you again my dearest Dagny. I hope to hear from you soon. You are such a Goddess.. Love, Brandon

02-06 Dearest Dr. Dagny, My Tantric Goddess,
Happiness is the best gift anyone could have... May it be yours on your birthday and always. You really have opened my eyes and my heart{never felt anyone could do that}... I hope you have a wonderful birthday and happiness throughout the year...You are most adored and Worshipped, Ted

Dear Dr.Dagny,
I just want to say that you are gorgeous beyond compare and you express the pure essence of female sexuality in such a wonderful manner, besides your amazing wisdom and intense compassion.. I really feel it was an honor to learn from you. All the best, Glen

Dearest Dagny,
I must tell you now how wonderful it was to meet such a dynamic persona. Such depth, warmth, caring and true insight. Some of the things we spoke of, I already knew in my heart. Many ideas and intentions I've never dreamt. You have revealed much to me. You are so kind. Thank you for sharing. Carl

Goddess Dagny,
I have ordered a few dvds and a book to explore your world. You know me. I must study, contemplate and, thanks to you, meditate. I have felt calmer today than I have in many years. Perhaps just the beginning. Einstein was brilliant on many levels so thank you for that information onhim... It does not surprise me that his enlightenment was all encompassing. Deep thoughts for an early age. I called several times. Sorry to have missed speaking with you. Namaste. Carl

Dear Dr. Dagny
Thank you for yesterday, it was very enlightening! I'm still at a 5 I feel, as I wake up this morning! Wish I could come back today and have 2 hours of yesterday with you! Thanks again. Lonny

Dear Dagny,
When I was in your area on business, I took a few hours off to see you, as much to improve my education as anything. I had been reading up on Tantra for some time, but some things just are not well taught on paper. I did indeed find our time together very educational, in ways I had never imagined.

I have always been sort of 'nervous' and find it difficult to relax. When I left our session, I felt more fully relaxed than I have in a very long time. What is even more unusual, is that I also felt very 'energized' by the experience. I had expected the feeling to subside by the time I got back to the hotel, but it didn't. It was still there the next morning!

I had physician meetings scheduled for the rest of my stay, but after consideration, decided that if I worked harder at home, I would come out ahead by spending a second session with you. I am so glad I did. When I left the second session, I felt the same as after the first, only more intensely. The feeling lasted not only until the next morning, but even through a long plane trip.

I felt so much positive energy when I saw you I wanted to keep it going. All the way home I kept thinking positive thoughts, it worked...The whole experience has been so good for me. I have a number of minor aches and pains, mainly due to muscle spasms and stress. They were all gone after seeing you. I attributed this to a positive attitude. I'm still doing the Tibetan Rites, and am now up to 21 per day. At first they seemed just like doing exercises in PE class years ago, but after a few weeks, I noticed something different. I could 'feel' that I was doing them correctly or not. Not sure how to explain it though. I had difficulty with positive energy over the holidays- difficult to maintain while in daily close contact with my very negative spouse. I survived it though, and am becoming more positive again. I want to thank you for making such a lasting impact on my life. Dr. Mac...

Hello Dr. Dagny:
Thank you for a splendid session last night. I felt energized, rejuvenated, elated, and relaxed all at once. I hope that you are predisposed to continue healing me through your sessions. As you know, I still need more healing.I would like to request my second session with you in two weeks, or February 2. I know that the second session will be much more fruitful for me, particularly given the success of my first session in spite of my nervousness and the weight of a stressful day. You are the first lady that I touched, and who has touched me, in an intimate fashion since my wife passed away. I have to say that the touching was very spiritual and healing for me. Thanks again...Peace be with you, Thomas

Good morning my love :)
... Namaste' I have stated many times were and continue to be one of the most influential people that I have ever met in my life...your beauty and your teachings continue to affect me 8 years after seeing you...I will be coming to L.A. from January 18th - January 22nd and would love to see you at least twice...would that be possible? xoxoxo...John

Nameste' my Dear Dr. Dagny
How nice it was to come home from my vacation and receive such a wonderful Newsletter update from you. It just makes me feel I need to spend some time with my warm, nurturing, intelligent and sexy goddess. Work has been so hectic and i live such a long ways off but I want to set some time aside real soon to be with you. It has been far too long and I need to gaze into your eyes and listen to your soothing voice and words of wisdom. . I haven't been in a relationship for over a year now and you always help to inspire and revitalize me. I was wondering one thing, I would be so honored , if when we do see each other, I could get a picture with you. It's been a while since your other website was up and I adored just looking at you and all of your beauty. Well my goddess, I hope this email finds you healthy and happy. Have a wonderful New Year. Can't wait to start it off with you. Much love, Sean

Wishing you Health, Joy and Prosperity, Dr. Dagny
We want you to truly know that we really enjoyed our session with you. We both learned and experienced so much and are closer then ever.. We learned more in one session with you then in 3 years of therapy... Love, Jeff & Colleen

Dear Dr. Dagny,
I had a very positive session with you last Saturday. I wish I could RECORD EVERYTHING in my head when I was with you. After I left your place heading towards my brother's I tried to remember everything and keep them at forefront of my mind. You are right, most people are observers of what they don't want in life. I am afraid I've been one of them and seeing THIS FACT is very moving. I feel that I need more sessions soon. We have to continue.I want to get a hang of the new outlook in life you talked about (i.e. everything can be O.K. because the intention in life is to FEEL GOOD!) I learned I need to SLOW DOWN my thoughts, my judging and reactions in order to feel good. Thank you, Mort

Thank you, Dr. Dagny
for sharing the latest edition of your newsletter for
December. Your message is so uplifting and strikes a chord during this season of reflection and renewal. I will look forward some day to a learning session in person, but in the in the meantime these newsletters and their tips and stories are most appreciated. Best wishes to you in 2006. Regards. David

Whoa you are so exquisite, Dr. Dagny.
I read your whole site and you must be an amazing woman. I would love to only gaze into your eyes and soak up the beauty of your cosmic soul. The milky way pales in comparison to the radiance that emits from all about you. If I didn't know any better, I would think I was in Love with you. I know that I would bow down before you and kiss the spirit of your feet. To know the miles of hard traveled road you must have journeyed to get to where you are now. I beg your forgiveness, oh sweet Goddess if I have ever offended thee. My heart reaches out to your heart.
Your humble servant Jimmy

Sweet Dr. Dagny
Thank you for such a great and profound experience. I'm still unsure where I want to be, but with your guidance I am already in a happier direction. I was going to call you, but I noticed how busy you are with your phone. I am very anxious for our next session, and I am trying to manage a free time period. I did manage to find that elusive bottle of Cristall, so I am better prepared to properly show my appreciation. Well, teach, I am following your recommendations. It's not so easy to slip into new habits although I have faith that it will get easier as I have more sessions with you.. When I get aroused, rather then the old process, I try and concentrate on what you suggested. Have a great Holiday ...RESPECTFULLY, Robby

Hi Goddess Dagny
Just wanted to drop you a brief note and say thank you so much for your teachings and nurturing session yesterday. I have not felt this relaxed in months. I am looking forward to our next therapy session... I have to look at my calendar for time ... do you schedule regular times with clients? Or are there certain days and times that will always work (or not?)? Please let me know. Worshiply, Ted

Dearest Dr. D
How are you doing? I hope that everything is going well for you. I just wanted to give you an update on my progress. I have had the most amazing experince this past week. The last time we talked you mentioned that I should see how high I can bring my energy level up without really touching myself. Well I have to tell you that this past week I got to a good 6-8 from just meditation (no hands). I almost wanted to call or write right away the first time it happened. I am continuing to practice and have done this a couple more times since then. It still takes some time to get my energy flowing but once it gets going, wow!! Now I feel positive that I can meet a young woman who would like to learn, grow and experience this wonderful energy with me. I still want to get more information and learn more but really cannot afford to see you as often as I would like. Thank you so much for everything that you have shown me so far. I look forward to talking with you again sometime soon. - Much love, Brandon

Hi Dr. Dagny,
I enjoy receiving your Tantric Newsletters and sharing them with my fiancée. Thank you so very much for your help when I really needed it. You opened my eyes and body to being a conscious, feeling being. Be well, Donald

Well Hello there my sweet Dr. Dagny:)
The strangest thing happened last night. I was randomly thinking and your image popped into my head. I got up from bed and went to your website and began remembering how gorgeous and insightful you were that day. You were a true blessing to me. Its interesting that a day later, you emailed me! Thank you so much for thinking of me also.... Our paths will surely meet again sweetheart. Take care:) JR

Dearest Dr. Dagny,
Hello, how are you doing? I hope that everything is going well for you. This is Brandon. I just saw you a couple days ago for the first time.Remember I am the 25 year old? I wanted to say thank you so much for our session. I had such an uplifting time with you, which has really started me thinking and feeling on another level, even at 25. I am definitely looking forward to having another session with you sometime soon. Meanwhile I will continue to practice until we can meet again. Once again thank you for such a wonderful session. I can't wait to have another one. Thank you Lots of love, Brandon

Dear Dr. Dagny
Thank you for following up with us! We really enjoyed our session with you and look forward to another session with you soon. We've already watched one of the movies..."Bliss", and look forward to watching your other recommendations. Once again...our session was truly a unique experience...we feel it's brought us even closer together (if that's even possible!). You're a truly beautiful woman and we look forward to another session that will take us to the next level. Oh, we haven't tried the patches yet but we'll definitely get back to you as soon as we do! Thanks for sharing! Zulma & Al

Good morning...
Just read your Sept. 2005 Newsletter..I wanted you to know that I have told only a select few people in my life about the year that I spent having Tantra sessions together with you but when I do speak of you I tell people that you changed my life forever (in such a good way)...pretty amazing the affect you had on me and continue to have...THANK YOU...John..p.s..I have attached a photo of me ..enjoy...Namaste'

Hi Dr. Dagny:
Thanks so much for the reminders.. Tony & I were trying to remember all of your suggestions so this is very helpful.Also that movie you suggested, Dangerous Beauty, really struck a cord with us. Thank you for the wonderful coaching. It was an enlightening and powerful experience that has already had an impact on the both of us. Love, Cathy & Tony from Nashville

Hi Dr. Dagny,
Just wanted to drop a note. Been thinking and reading about tantra, kundalini, yoga, love, feelings, breathing, self-awareness, etc, and thoughts of our session came to mind. We really enjoyed it, although that's such a limiting word. It was a wonderful experience. Janice and I are enjoying our journey of discovery, and look forward to staying in touch with you. Maybe I'll get a chance to share some of that with you some time soon. We'll be in touch. Namaste, Aaron in Boston

Hello Dr. Dagny,
I was quite pleased to receive your newsletter. I have visited you once for a Tantric session. It has been about a year ago. It was of significant help to me and I feel that my wife and I have a better sexual relationship because of it. I still try to utilize the control techniques you instructed me on. My memories are doubly wonderful as I remember your generosity, nurturing nature and exquisite face and form...I think of you often as the memory drifts back and I relish it. Your probably don't remember, it was a late evening appointment and you had been out to buy a meal. I just wanted to share with you what a wonderful experience it was for me, thanks again for sharing. Live long and prosper in all that you do. Jim - PS, I hope you will continue with the Tantric news, it is nice to know that you are still spreading the good will and news.

Hi Dr Dagny,
I just wanted to say hello and compliment you on your life and your committment to healing. I see your pictures reveal a glowing radiant being. Wow. You have an amazing body and smile. Keep up the good work. I am a scorpio, I read the horoscopes and was pleased. ha. best regards, Joey

Been thinking of you, Dear Goddess...
I have received the books you
recommended and have been into them, and they are speaking to me. I am practicing the self pleasuring too, which is always fun, but more fun to share with someone else! It is nice to receive but its nice to share the energy too. I feel like I am having a sexual awakening at 40 and you are most definitely the catalyst. It is a wonder to me that my path has unfolded this way.

Dear Dr. Dagny,
I am seeing why my relationships have always been the same way: because I
have not known how to access the man that I am, and to stand in that instead of some diluted or distorted sense of being a man which has always been my experience until now. It is a joyous thing to behold these awareness's, and I feel like maybe this new balance which is happening within me has led to this separation with my wife. Who knows what will happen...I feel good about how things are now. I so appreciate your warmness, nurturing and wisdom you have imparted to me in our sessions together...I am wanting to set another appt. this week end... In Appreciation and Awe of you, David

Namaste' My Dear Dr. Dagny
How have you been? This is Sean one of your longest devotees. I think we've known each other for about 6 years now. It has been far too long since we have talked. I see that your comic book Dagny the Immortal Tantrika is finally coming out. I have been waiting for it and can't wait to get an autographed copy :-) You are an enlightened woman who with warmth, knowledge and great compassion has helped myself and others to become better people. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I want you to know that not only did you help me with my sensual skills, you also helped me become comfortable with myself. I have used much of what you have taught me in my relationships and personal life. Although I have learned a lot from you, it is always nice to come back and see you and review or learn new things. There is nothing like being in the loving hands of my Goddess Dagny. I will always cherish the times we spent together. I feel the world would be losing something special if you stopped offering sessions.. Big Hugs and Kisses. Love, Sean

Dear Precious Dr. Dagny,
How can one come to the middle of one's life and learn that I have only peripherally begun to percieve the level one can love? You opened for me new depths and heights of possibilities of life in loving touch I am longing to explore with one I can Love! I wish I had read Barbara Keesling's Rx Sex before I came out to spend the most wonderful 3 hours of my life with you, I would have better appreciated the experience and had more focused expectations of what sexual healing really is! How and why do western men become so centered in the genital sexual expression of love in erection and ejaculation, that it takes a sexual educator to open them to the most beautiful spiritual aspect of sexual love-just appreciating the landscape of the partner's body and the elation and titilation exploring its contours and texture bring. Oh, I feel like a child again eager to explore.I feel I'll just have to keep on growing and maybe I can become all I want to become vocationally and as a loving human being that I'll someday be honored to be able to Love someone like you for a lifetime!!! Here's to the experience of learning to Love. I will try to schedule another trip to visit and further learn and grow when I hear from you! - Namaste', J.F.

Dearest Goddess Dagny:
I came to see you because I wanted much more then just a sexual and sensual experience!!! What I got was more then I imagined!! I still have not fully processed what happened yesterday, and expect that to do so will take time. When I came to your door, I was not sure what to expect. I knew from the photos that you were beautiful, that your eyes and smile were magic. When you opened the door, I realized, that I had underestimated you. My breath was taken from me. You truly are a wondrous vessel of divine light whose Beauty is a rare miracle. You are a Goddess to be cherished, to be adored and to be loved. My session gave me much to think of and, even more, to feel and to be aware of. Many of the concepts about which you spoke, and which are on the website, are ones with which I was familiar through the intellect, having read Margo Anand's books, visited other Tantric sites and having read works by and about Alesiter Crowley and his disciples. However, there is a great difference between knowledge through the intellect and knowledge through the body and through the spirit. Thank you for starting to bring this knowledge back to me. I look forward to your becoming my guide, my Mentor, my Goddess. It was exhilarating that you asked me to remember joyous or Nurturing events in childhood, since most therapists, if they ask about your childhood, want to focus on the destructive or the unhappy events...I remember that when I was a little child my mother used to sing me to sleep. It feels good to remember that! May you always be blessed, Your Adoring Devotee', Rob

Hello Goddess and friend
Thank you so much for the enlightened spiritual experience of being present in body to feel the real source of energy that is divine. I now have a new frame of reference for choosing a higher love and enjoyment of being. It will never be forgotten and I want to thank you for the extra time you spent in wonderful conversations that continued to raise vibrations and stop time. - Hugs,Scott

Hello Goddess
I remember my experience that you and I had in your serene and comfortable condo. It was very intimate. It helped me improve my sex life at home as well. The massage I received I can distinctly remember you crossing over your thumbs and palpating up and down my spine. That move was well received when I got home! The closeness I felt in your embrace. The nurturing tone of your voice directly in to my ear, is one I have been longing to repeat. It was my first Tantric experience and your explanation was insightful and tantalizing as well. I released a ton of tension and stress. More so than in any other experience I can recall. The feeling was incredibly deep. I really look forward to seeing you again. - Rocky

Hi Dr. Dagny
I just got a chance to breath again. Whew. It's been a busy week with all my Job proceedings. :-) I just wanted to say thanks for our last session. It was UTTERLY wonderful. I now see what you mean. I've had a little time to Practice self-pleasuring without holding back and wow it's amazing. When I Ejaculate now it is explosive. I can't believe I've been denying myself that Pleasure. I also see what you mean by chasing the wave too hard. I've had some better results now in following the wave instead of chasing it. Thanks again. - Joe S

Hi Dagny
I just wanted to thank you again for the loving healing that you brought to my life last week. I am still basking in the glow of our time together. You trully are gifted in helping people connect on an intimate level with all that is meaningful. I feel a new sense of confidence which is both sensual and spiritual. I also feel much closer with my wife which I am so grateful about. I hope to be able to see you again next month. Have a joy filled weekend. - Bless you, JP, Clergyman

Dr Dagny
What a powerful experience. Now that everything is quiet and early in the morning, I can still feel the remnants of the session and my body is still tingling. You are so loving and so kind. I have remained in the breathing with you and have had such inner peace today. Today was a big day for me and I want to thank you so much for carrying me through this. I'm so grateful that I was brought to your beauty and sensuality. It was then no coincidence this evening that I watched "The Mist Of Avalon" as it was all about the Goddess bringing balance and how without the Goddess, everything will go to ruin. It was so beautiful and so reaffirming to me after today's experience. The timing was perfect. I feel rather connected to everything at the moment. - With love and gratefulness always, Nick

Dear Dr Dagny,
I Just wanted to thank you for our session and share how I felt afterwards. I have been experiencing absolutely wonderful feelings since I met you . I don't know exactly how or what you did, but after our first session about a month ago I felt as if my first 2 chakras were wide open. Whereas I usually feel tight and closed up. After our 2nd session, I also felt this way, but I also felt more open further up my body almost to my heart. The best way I can describe it is as if I was totally relaxed and I have discovered inner peace. I can be by myself and feel total satisfaction. The feelings are beyond description... exciting, almost orgasmic and yet peaceful. Thank you again, I am looking forward to continuing our sessions and learning more from you. You are a wonderful, exciting teacher/healer and a beautifully exquisite Goddess... Greatly Appreciative, Michael

My Lovely Goddess Dagny,
I just wanted to email you to let you know that you were the first experience I ever had with Tantra. My two experiences with you let me on a completely new path in my life. Everything has changed since you and I spent time together. I have a new outlook on life. I am happy now, for the first time in my life. I am honoring myself, not just my obligations. Anyway, I just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart, for the kind, considerate, loving energy you shared with me. I don't know if you knew it, but you helped me to change my life. Namaste, lovely Goddess, William